Leonel Home Improvement

Rebuild, Repair, Remodel


Lauren Hilliard, Ellicot City

   Lauren Hilliard, CTC Relocation Specialist at JHUAPL Leonel is honest and hard working. He is interested in making his customers happy. He will offer creative advice and has good taste in choosing colors, styles and materials. Jan 30 2013. 

Chuck & Nancy Kelley, Silver Spring

   My husband and have used Leonel home improvement services on several occasions. Leo is a conscientious worker, completes the jobs on time and is meticulous, reliable, and trustworthy. Some of the projects he has done in our home, include, but are not limited to; hanging drywall, painting, erecting walls, installing interior doors, installing electricity, bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, laying tile, installing garbage disposals, installing ceiling fans, etc. He has also installed a fence and gate for us, and put a roof and gutters on an existing structure on our deck. We also appreciated the fact that he loves dogs, we have three, he was comfortable working around them. And they loved him! I would not hesitate to call on Leo again, I highly recommend him for home improvement needs. 

Freddy Copia, College Park

   Freddy Copia www.acopiagc.com www.energycopiagroup.com www.copiacompany.com Great energetic, positive and very professional. Great timing in completing jobs. Mar 01 2010.

Nansy Mathews, Bethesda

"Leo is the contractor I was looking for: smart, willing to re-use materials when appropriate, expert and many different part of a project, easy to work with, reasonably priced. He is creative and has experience that make a big difference in the success of my projects."

Drew & Anastasia Napolitano

We were lucky to find someone like Leo. Not only he does good work for reasonable fee he also is neat, reliable and on time finishing his projects. Those qualities are something you don't come by in a contractor. He also makes sure you are satisfied with the result and is flexible if changes need to be made. His well natured personality and a designer background makes it a pleasure to be around! My dogs love him too!.

Нам повезло найти мастера как Лео. Он не только делает хорошую совестную работу за умеренную цену а так же всегда надежен, чистоплотен и укладывается установленные сроки. Самое отличное то что он гарантирует свою работу и всегда рад вернуться и исправить неполадку если она случается. Он отлично подстраивается под клиента даже в самых специфических деталях и экономно с креативом подходит к использованию материалов и средств!